Window Tinting

Bonnie & Clyde window treatments (tint) represent the highest-quality approach to providing your vehicle with optimized heat rejection and darker glass.

The Very Best Window Tint

Whether for protection from sun or privacy, Bonnie & Clyde window treatments comprise the best window film products available today. Clients can choose from two levels of window film: “Heat Rejection” or “Premium Film.” Both come with a full lifetime warranty against fading, cracking or discoloration, and we guarantee your window treatments will endure for the life of your ownership of the vehicle.

Detailed Service

At Bonnie & Clyde Stereo & Window Tinting your car receives extensively high levels of detailed service throughout the window treatment installation.

Details of window treatment installation include:

• Client’s cars receive an exterior wash both before and after the window treatment installation. This ensures that no possible dust or debris present on the paint will be inadvertently brushed to create a scratch or blemish.
• Window treatment installation technicians wear “no scratch” clothing that omits any rivets in pant seams, belts or other clothing items that could contact the vehicle’s paint or interior surfaces.
• All door panels and the rear parcel shelf are fully removed from the vehicle so that the soap solution used to manipulate the window film on the window for trimming does not stain the interior surfaces.
• Regardless of complexity in compound curvatures, all windows are treated in a single piece of film without any seams or lines. Our highly trained and experienced technicians know how to create “shrink to fit” film that conforms to even the tightest curves without creases or air bubbles.
• All air bubbles and soap solution is pushed out from the window treatment film once fitted for the final installation on the vehicle’s glass. This ensures a uniform bond with undistorted optics.
• All Bonnie & Clyde window treatment installations carry a lifetime labor warranty in addition to the lifetime warranty on the window treatment film itself.

Experience the Bonnie & Clyde Difference!

There’s a reason why our experienced window treatment installation technicians are regarded as the best in the business. Their attention to detail is unequaled. Their level of vehicle care is exceptional. Their warranty speaks volumes about the quality of the window treatment film as well as their work. Come into Bonnie & Clyde Stereo & Window Tinting today for a no-cost evaluation of your vehicle’s window treatment needs. You’ll soon enjoy a cooler interior and an enhanced look to your vehicle.