Car Audio / Car Stereo

If you’re looking for anything related to automotive sound systems, Bonnie & Clyde has you covered. With more than 40 years of installation and product sales, we are intimately familiar with all aspects and technological developments related to the production of quality car audio sound. We provide the do-it-yourselfers with every component they might need to create their perfect automotive sounds systems, and provide expert installation in building customized automotive sound systems.

Car audio is our passion and the bread and butter of our business. As such, you can be assured that your automotive audio service and product needs will be fully satisfied by the highly experienced technicians and sales people at Bonnie & Clyde.

Building an Audio System for Your Car or Truck

Whether do it yourself or professionally installed by us, Bonnie & Clyde carries all of the latest and greatest automotive audio and stereo equipment you need to build the perfect automotive audio system. Our technicians and sales people can help you navigate through the technical specifications and features offered by the myriad equipment, and installation includes a thorough tutorial on how to use and take full advantage of your new system’s features. Some of the key features in a superior car audio system are highlighted below.

Car Amplifiers—Power and Clarity

Car amplifiers give your system more power, not only for louder music, but also for cleaner sound at any listening volume. Today’s more advanced car amps are designed to run more efficiently, which give you a car amp that puts out a ton of power, but come small enough to fit into tight spaces. If you are looking for better sound, whether you have a factory or aftermarket car stereo, you should definitely consider adding car amplifiers to your system. Most higher end amplifiers come with built in crossover network systems to help fine tune your sound system the exact way you want it to sound.

Car Stereo Speakers—The Best “Bang for your Buck!”

Upgrading your car stereo speakers represents the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to your car stereo system. New speakers can make a decent stereo sound great, or a great car stereo sound unbelievable. We have car audio speakers in all types, sizes and price points, so we are sure to have car stereo speakers that fit not only your car, but also your budget. Feel free to stop in and listen to our state of the art sound boards to choose the right option for you!

Car Stereo Subwoofers—Putting the “Emotion” in your Music

Car stereo subwoofers are what gives your music its depth, power and emotion. Car subwoofers give you back approximately 33 percent of the sound a system without car subs is lacking. You can get car stereo subwoofers in a variety of sizes. Of course, you will also need a subwoofer box. We carry a standard subwoofer box; boxes pre-loaded with subwoofers from JL Audio, Kicker, MTX, Alpine or Rockford; amplified enclosures that consist of a subwoofer, box and amp all in one; and subwoofer enclosures that are custom made to fit specific vehicles. No matter how you want to add quality bass to you car, we have the right solution for you. Custom work is normally conducted on a same day turn-around time.

Car Audio Accessories—Must Haves to Complete Your Quality Installation

Car audio accessories should really be called car audio “necessities,” because without them, you may find it hard to install and use your products the way they were meant to be used. Car audio accessories include cables, installation hardware, kits, adapters, capacitors, interfaces and everything else you need, as listed below:

• Installation Kits
• Installation Harnesses
• Antenna Adapters
• RCA Interconnects
• Power Distribution & Fuses
• Terminals & Connectors
• Amplifier Kits, Cables,
• Capacitors
• Car Batteries &
• Remote Controls
• Factory Car Stereo Integration
• Car Antennas