3M Obsidian Window Tint

3M Obsidian window tint from Extreme Audio in Mechanicsville and Midlothian offers great looks and excellent UV rejection while helping keep your car or truck cool in the summer. Thanks to its affordable price, it’s destined to be one of our most popular solutions, so let’s look at the specific technologies and features of this film.

Amazing UV Rejection Protects Your Skin

We all know that UV rays are responsible for causing your skin to wrinkle and, in extreme cases, they can cause skin cancer. 3M Obsidian window tint film blocks 99 percent of UV rays in all available shades (from 70 percent to 5 percent VLT) to keep you safe. That’s like wearing a lotion sunblock with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of more than 1000. This protection also helps keep the interior of your vehicle looking like new as it prevents plastics, cloth, vinyl and leather from deteriorating and fading because of prolonged sun exposure.

A Hot Look That Helps Keep You Cool

3M Obsidian Window TintThe new Obsidian film from 3M has been formulated to reject infrared radiation to help keep your vehicle cool. Just like the heat lamps at your favorite burger joint, IR energy from the sun causes the interior of your car or truck to heat up. Obsidian films block between 23 percent and 44 percent of the total solar energy from the sun. Obsidian performs this without the use of metallic substances in the film that can reduce the efficacy of cell phones, GPS receivers and other mobile radio-frequency devices.

Great Looks and Expert Installation

3M Obsidian window tint features 3M’s patented infused technology to provide enhanced durability, color retention and fade-resistance. This technology keeps your film looking great and performing well for the life of your vehicle. 3M backs Obsidian film with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, so you know you are getting the best there is.

If you are interested in tinting the windows of your car, truck or SUV, drop by one of the two conveniently located Extreme Audio locations in the Richmond area. A member of our team will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a quote to enhance its appearance and your safety and comfort. You can use our Window Tint Estimate Request Form to get an estimate for your vehicle.