XM and CB Radios Beyond FM

Radio Options Beyond AM/FM and CB

Back when we first started, CB (Citizens Band) Radio was all the rage. “10-4 on that Bear Trap ahead,” and other trucker lingo filled the airwaves, and we outfitted a whole lot of Dallas-area vehicles with CB radios. We can still kit your vehicle with a CB Radio should you want to monitor what the “Smokeys” might be up to; but these days we’re far more likely to outfit your vehicle with satellite radio.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio—Dream Programming From the Heavens

Satellite radio evolved in the 1990s with the delivery of satellite radio broadcasts that allowed listeners to fine tune their choice of stations. No longer beholden to radio stations in range of their receivers, satellite radio allows subscribers to listen to up to 150 different musical, sports, talk and news stations, many commercial free. Whether Sirius Satellite Radio or XM Satellite Radio, listeners have a wide range of options covering every musical genre, different news purveyors and many sporting events. Bonnie & Clyde offers both systems and can have your vehicle equipped with a receiver in no time at all.