Vehicle Security

Car Security Systems—Wide Range of Options and Features

Bonnie & Clyde has been in the vehicle security business for about as long as it has the audio business. Of course, this makes sense given that car audio equipment has long proven to be an attractive target for thieves. And, much as we have attained unsurpassed expertise with vehicle audio equipment and installation, our 40-pus years of experience gives us the same with vehicle security.

Vehicle security systems have evolved with the passing of time to offer a wide range of security options and features. We go far beyond just offering an entry detecting sensor with loud alarm, by also offering such systems as starter disablers, GPS tracking and interior cameras. Along with off-the-shelf security systems, we can customize a security system that will protect your vehicle, as well as its contents, including that high quality audio system you recently had us install. Whether off the shelf or custom designed, our security systems also provide convenience enhancement features such as remote door locking/unlocking, remote trunk release, remote starting, and more. Talk to a Bonnie & Clyde security technician or salesperson today to learn more about our full line of security systems and packages, including:

• Car Alarms
• Car Alarms With Remote Start
• Factory Remote Alarm Upgrade
• Keyless Entry Systems
• GPS Tracking Systems
• Replacement Remotes
• Bypass And Interface Modules
• Add-on Modules
• Car Alarm Accessories
• Interior Camera Systems
• Glass Break Sensors, Digital Tilt sensors, Motion Sensors, Alarm Back up battery, Voice talking module

Radar Detectors—Helping Protect You From Fines and Points

Having a great set of wheels and/or a finely amped sound system can sometimes make one a little heavy footed on the accelerator. While we might not mean to exceed posted speed limits, it sometimes happens. Therefore, radar/laser detectors provide a measure of security from receiving a fine and/or points from a potential speeding ticket.

As a great first-line defense, radar detectors are designed to detect police radar in your vicinity, hopefully before the radar detects you and your car. Bonnie & Clyde carries a wide range of radar detectors designed to detect the various speed detectors used by the police, including laser. Using a radar detector is not a guarantee you will never get a speeding ticket, it just gives you a better chance of avoiding one. Talk to one of our technicians or sales people to learn more about the various radar detectors we carry, customization options, and ancillary products such as:

• Windshield And Visor Mounts
• Installed Stealth Systems
• Radar Detector Accessories
• Radar hardwire solutions for Valentine & Escort

Using a radar detector is illegal in a few states, so be sure you know your state’s law regarding radar detectors. Oh, and please drive safely!

Drive Safely! Products

Speaking of driving safely, technological advances in recent years have upped the game in keeping you safe while driving. Talk to anyone at Bonnie & Clyde about these various “Drive Safely!” enhancements we can install in your vehicle:

• Dash Cams & DVRs
• Cameras
• Monitors
• Monitor/Camera Packages
• Back-up Assist Packages
• Park Assist Sensors
• Accident Avoidance Systems