OEM Integration

Original vehicle electronics equipment doesn’t always get along well with desired aftermarket components. Having dealt with this issue for more than 40 years, Bonnie & Clyde Stereo & Window Tinting has developed exceptional expertise at resolving OEM (original equipment manufacturer) integration challenges, and stands ready to help you resolve your particular problem.

While Bonnie & Clyde cut its teeth on OEM stereo integration, over the years we’ve learned the ins and outs of integrating aftermarket components of all types with various OEM parts. For example, many people opt out of various upgrades when buying a new car due to their high costs. By using aftermarket components, BNC can provide many of these rejected upgrades at a fraction of the cost. In short, the backup camera option that might have added a thousand or so dollars to the list price can be added for much less with aftermarket equipment and the correct OEM interfaces.