Marine Audio

Marine Audio—Bring Your Music Out on the Water!

Marine Audio is a “must have” for any boater. Who wants to be out on the water all day listening to the sound of their engine? Bonnie & Clyde has been selling and installing marine audio for almost as long as we have car audio. Sound systems and electricity generally don’t mix well with water, but we’ve always loved the challenge of installing quality sound systems that can surmount the extreme marine environment.

Marine stereo equipment is designed for the harsh environment encountered on a boat. Water, salt air, extreme vibration, wave bumps, fish guts—whatever you might face while out on the water, your marine audio system needs to take it. A marine stereo must get wet and keep working. Marine speakers should be able to get soaked and keep pounding out the sound. We have a great selection of Marine audio equipment to help you build your dream marine audio system, as well as the expertise to install the components to ensure that they are protected from all possible marine elements.

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