Car Lighting

Vehicle Lighting—Get Your Glow On!

Whatever your vehicle lighting needs—safety enhancement, warning lighting, halo effect, interior LEDs—Bonnie & Clyde Stereo & Window Tinting provides expert installation of all kinds of kinds. We can enhance safety with fog lights or daytime running lights, refurbish your fading headlights, and add warning light systems to various work trucks, such as tow trucks and highway repair and maintenance vehicles. We are also experts at configuring LED halo, frame, rim and interior lighting systems that will make your vehicle stand out from the pack, and with smartphone controls. In fact, no doubt vehicles sporting BNC-installed lighting have captured your attention on the streets and highways of the Dallas area.

Talk to one of our Bonnie & Clyde lighting specialists about any of your vehicle’s lighting needs, including:

• Daytime Running Lights
• Work Truck Warning Lights
• Headlight Replacement
• Exterior Lighting Upgrade
• Interior Lighting
• Headlight Restoration
• LEDGlow Underbody Lighting
• Interior LEDGlow Lighting
• Rim Lighting